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Silver Spoons – 80s TV Sitcom

Silver Spoons is an American sitcom television series that aired on NBC from September 25, 1982, to May 11, 1986. The show focuses on the wealthy playboy Edward Stratton III, and his relationship with his young son Ricky Stratton. Ricky was the product of a brief marriage between Edward and Ricky’s mother. Edward was unaware that he had a son until Ricky comes to live with Edward at the outset of the series.

Silver Spoons' Cast


Ricky Schroder as Ricky Stratton
Joel Higgins as Edward Stratton III
Erin Gray as Kate Summers Stratton
Leonard Lightfoot as Leonard Rollins (1982-1983)
Franklyn Seales as Dexter Stuffins
Jason Bateman as Derek Taylor (1982-1984)
Corky Pigeon as Freddy Lippincottleman (1983-1985)
Alfonso Ribeiro as Alfoso Spears (1984-1987)
Bobby Fite as J.T Martin (1983-1984)
John Houseman as Grandfather Edward Stratton II
Ray Wilson as Uncle Harry Summers (1985)
Billy Jacoby as Brad (1985-1986)

Series Run

  • First Telecast: September 25, 1982
  • Last Telecast: September 7, 1986

Broadcast History

  • September 1982- September 1984, NBC, Saturday 8:30-9:00pm
  • September 1984- May 1985, NBC, Sunday 7:00-7:30pm
  • June 1985- March 1986, NBC, Sunday 7:30-8:00pm
  • May 1986- September 1986, NBC, Sunday 7:00-7:30pm


In the pilot episode, Ricky Stratton (Ricky Schroder) arrives at the mansion of the father he has never met to introduce himself, moved in, and get to know him better. Edward Stratton III (Joel Higgins) epitomizes the phrase “overgrown child”; he has never taken responsibility for anything in his life, including his toy business, “Eddie Toys.”

When he finds out in the pilot episode that his business manager embezzled all of his money, he simply tells his attorney to “bring back his bucks,” then resumes playing an arcade game. Ricky recognizes that his dad needs to grow up; Edward thinks his son is too uptight and needs to have more fun while he’s still young.

More info at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_Spoons

Theme Song

Silver Spoons Theme Song Lyrics

Here we are, face to face
A couple of Silver Spoons.
Hopin’ to find, we’re two of a kind
Making a go, making it grow.
Together, we’re going to find our way.
Together, taking the time each day.
To learn all about those things you just can’t buy.
Two Silver spoons together.
You and I together (We’re going to find our way)
You and I together (We’re going to find our way)
You and I together.