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Eight is Enough – 80s TV Series

Eight Is Enough is an 80s television comedy-drama series that ran on ABC from March 15, 1977, until May 23, 1981. The show was modeled on the life of syndicated newspaper columnist Tom Braden, a real-life parent with eight children, who wrote a book by the same title.

Eight Is Enough' Cast Then and Now: See the Stars Reunited
Eight is Enough Cast


Dick Van Patten
Diana Hyland
Betty Buckley
Grant Goodeve
Lani O’Grady
Laurie Walters
Susan Richardson
Dianne Kay
Connie Newton
Willie Aames
Adam Rich

Series Run

March 15, 1977 – May 23, 1981

Broadcast History



The show centers on a Sacramento, California, family with eight children (from oldest to youngest: David, Mary, Joanie, Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Tommy, and Nicholas). The father, Tom Bradford (played by Dick Van Patten), was a newspaper columnist for the fictional Sacramento Register. His wife Joan (based on Joan Braden, played by Diana Hyland) was a homemaker and took care of the children.

More info at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight_Is_Enough

Theme Song

“Eight Is Enough”