What it was like Growing Up in the Eighties (1980s)
  • Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

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Max Wright as Willie Tanner
Anne Schedeen as Kate Tanner
Andrea Elson as Lynn Tanner
Benji Gregory as Brian Tanner
John LaMotta as Trevor Ochmonek
Liz Sheriden as Raquel Ochmonek
Josh Blake as Jake Ochmonek
JM J. Bullock as Neal Tanner (1987)
Anne Meara as Dorothy Halligan

ALF (Gordon Schlumway)

Alf’s Voice by Paul Fusco

Series Run
First Telecast: September 22, 1986
Last Telecast: June 18, 1990

Broadcast History
September 1986- February 1990, NBC, Monday 8:00-8:30pm
March 1990, NBC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm
April 1990- May 1990, NBC, Sunday 8:00-8:30pm
May 1990- June 1990, NBC, Monday 8:00-8:30pm

Bosom Buddies

Tom Hanks as Kip Wilson/ Buffy Wilson
Peter Scolari as Henry Desmond/ Hildegrade
Desmond Donna Dixon as Sonny Lumet
Holland Taylor as Ruth Dunbar
Thelma Hopkins as Isabelle Hammond
Lucille Benson as Lilly Sinclair
Wendie Jo Sperber as Amy Cassidy

Series Run
First Telecast: November 27, 1980
Last Telecast: September 15, 1984

Broadcast History

November 1980- September 1981, ABC, Thursday 8:30-9:00pm
October 1981, ABC, Thursday 9:00-9:30pm
November 1981- January 1982, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm
February 1982- March 1982, ABC, Thursday 8:30-9:00pm
May 1982- June 1982, ABC, Thursday 8:30-9:00pm
July 1984- September 1984, NBC, Saturday 9:00-9:30pm

Theme Song
“My Life” written by Billy Joel

Cagney & Lacey

Tyne Daly as Detective Mary Beth Lacey
Meg Foster as Detective Chris Cagney (1982)
Sharon Gless as Detective Chris Cagney (1982-1988)
Al Waxman as Lt. Bert Samuels
Carl Lumbly as Detective Mark Petrie
Martin Kove as Detective Victor Isbecki
Jason Bernard as Detective Paul La Guardia (192-1985)
Harvey Atkin as Desk Sergeant Ronald Coleman
John Karlen as Harvey Lacey
Tony La Torre as Harvey Lacey Jr.
Troy Slaten as Michael Lacey

Series Run
First Telecast: March 25, 1982
Last Telecast: August 25, 1988

Broadcast History

March 1982- April 1982, CBS, Thursday 9:00-10:00pm
October 1982- September 1983, CBS, Monday 10:00-11:00pm
March 1984- December 1987, CBS, Monday 10:00-11:00pm
January 1988- April 1988, CBS, Tuesday 10:00-11:00pm
April 1988- June 1988, CBS, Monday 10:00-11:00pm
June 1988- August 1988, CBS, Thursday 10:00-11:00pm



Ted Danson as Sam Malone
Nicholas Colasanto as Ernie “Coach” Pantusso (1982-1985)
Shelly Long as Diane Chambers (1982-1987)
Krisite Alley as Rebecca Howe (1987-1993)
George Wendt as Norm Peterson
Rhea Pearlman as Carla Tortelli LeBec
John Ratzenberger as Cliff Clavin
Woody Harrelson as Woody Boyd (1983-1993)
Kelsy Gramer as Dr. Fraiser Crane (1984-1993)
Bebe Neuwirth as Dr.Lilith Sternin (1986-1993)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 30, 1982
Last Telecast: August 19, 1993

Broadcast History

September 1982- December 1982, NBC, Thursday 9:00-9:30pm
January 1983- December 1983, NBC, Thursday 9:30-10:30pm
December 1983- August 1993, NBC, Thursday 9:00-9:30pm
February 1993- May 1993, NBC, Thursday 8:00-8:30pm

Theme Song

“Where Everybody Knows Your Name” by Judy Hart Angelo and
Gary Portnoy, sung by Gary Portnoy

The Cosby Show

Bill Cosby as Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable
Phylicia Rashad as Clair Huxtable
Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable Tibideaux
Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable Kendall
Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Theodore Huxtable
Tempestt Blesoe as Vanessa Huxtable
Keshia Knight Pulliam as Rudy Huxtable
Clarica Taylor as Anna Huxtable
Peter Costa as Peter Chiara (1985-1989)
Geoffery Owens as Elvin Tibideaux (1986-1992)
Earle Hyman as Russell Huxtable
Deon Richmond as Kenny (1986-1992)
Troy Winbush as Denny (1987-1991)
Carl Anthony Payne II as Cockroach (1986-1987)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 20, 1984
Last Telecast: September 17, 1992

Broadcast History

September 1984- June 1992, NBC, Thursday 8:00-8:30pm
July 1992- September 1992, NBC, Saturday 8:30-9:00pm

Different Strokes


Conrad Bain as Phillip Drummond
Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson
Todd Bridges as Willis Jackson
Dixe Carter as Maggie McKinney (1984-1985)
Dana Plato as Kimberly Drummond (1978-1984)
Mary Jo Carlett as Pearl Gallagher (1982-1986)
Rosilind Chao as Miss Chung (1982-1983)
Dody Goodman as Aunt Sophia (1981-1982)
Janet Jackson as Charlene DuPrey (1981-1982)
Nedra Volz as Adelaide Brubaker (1980-1982)
Shavar Ross as Dudley Ramsey (1981-1986)
Le Tari as Mr. Ted Ramsey (1981-1985)
Steven Mond as Robbie Jackson (1982-1983)
Nikki Swasey as Lisa Hayes (1982-1986)
Danny Cooksey as Sam Mckinney (1984-1986)
Mary Ann Mobley as Maggie McKinney (1985-1986)
Jason Hervey as Charlie (1985-1986)
Charlotte Rae as Mrs. Garret (1978-1980)

Series Run
First Telecast: November 3, 1978
Last Telecast: August 30, 1986

Broadcast History

November 1978- October 1979, NBC, Friday 8:00-8:30pm
October 1979- October 1981, NBC, Wednesday 9:00-9:30pm
October 1981- August 1982, NBC, Thursday 9:00-9:30pm
August 1982- August 1985, NBC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm
September 1985- March 1986, ABC, Friday 9:00-9:30pm
June 1986- August 1986, ABC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm

Facts of Life


Charlotte Rae as Edna Garrett (1979-1986)
Mindy Cohn as Natalie Green
Kim Fields as Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey
Lisa Whelchel as Blair Warner
MacKenzie Astin as Andy Moffett (1985-1988)
Scott Byrce as Rick Bonner (1988)
George Clooney as George Burnett (1985-1986)
Julie Anne Haddock as Cindy Webster (1979-1980)
Todd Hollowell as Jeff Williams (1987-1988)
Sherrie Krenn as Pippa McKenna (1987-1988)
John Lawlor as Stephen Bradley (1979-1980)
Cloris Leachman as Beverly Ann Stickle (1986-1988)
Nancy McKeon as Jo Polniazek (1980-1988)
Jenny O’Hara as Emily Mahoney (1979)
Julie Piekarski as Sue Ann Weaver (1979-1980)
Paul Provenza as Casey Clark (1987-1988)
Molly Ringwald as Molly Parker (1979-1980)
Robert Romanus as Snake Robinson (1987-1988)
Felice Schachter as Nancy Olson (1979-1980)
Pam Segall as Kelly Affinado (1983-1984)
Hugh Gillin as Howard (1980-1981)

Series Run
First Telecast: August 24, 1979
Last Telecast: September 10, 1988

Broadcast History

  • August 1979- September 1979, NBC, Friday 8:00-8:30pm
  • March 1980- May 1980, NBC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm
  • June 1980- July 1980, NBC, Wednesday 9:30-10:00pm
  • August 1980- October 1980, NBC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm
  • November 1980- October 1981, NBC, Wednesday 9:30-10:00pm
  • October 1981- August 1985, NBC, Wednesday 9:00-9:30pm
  • September 1985- June 1986, NBC, Saturday 8:30-9:00pm
  • June 1986- May 1987, NBC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm
  • June 1987- July 1987 , NBC, Wednesday 9:00-9:30pm
  • July 1987- September 1988, NBC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm

Theme Song

“The Facts of Life,” by Alan Thicke, Gloria Loring and Al
Burton, sung by Gloria Loring.

Family Ties


Micheal J. Fox as Alex Keaton
Justine Bateman as Mallory Keaton
Michael Gross as Steve Keaton
Meredith Baxter-Birney as Elyse Keaton
Tina Yothers as Jenifer Keaton
Brian Bonsall as Andrew Keaton (1986-1989)
Marc Price as Irwin “Skippy” Handleman
Tracy Pollan as Ellen Reid (1985-1986)
Scott Valentine as Nick Moore (1985-1989)
Courtney Cox as Lauren Miller (1987-1989)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 22, 1982
Last Telecast: September 17, 1989

Broadcast History

September 1982- March 1983, NBC, Wednesday 9:00-9:30pm
March 1983- August 1983, NBC, Monday 8:30-9:00pm
August 1983- December 1983, NBC, Wednesday 9:30-10:00pm
January 1984- August 1987, NBC, Thursday 8:30-9:00pm
August 1987-September 1987, NBC, Sunday 8:00-9:00pm
September 1987- September 1989, NBC, Sunday 8:38-8:30pm

Theme Song

“Without Us,” by Jeff Barry and Tom Scott, sung by Johnny
Mathis and Deniece Williams.

The Golden Girls

Bea Author as Dorothy Zbornak
Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereaux
Betty White as Rose Nylund
Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo
Herb Edelman As Stan Zbornak
Harold Gould as Miles Webber

Series Run
First Telecast: September 14, 1985
Last Telecast: September 14, 1992

Broadcast History

September 1985- July 1991, NBC, Saturday 9:00-9:30pm
August 1991- September 1991, NBC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm
September 1991- September 1992, NBC, Saturday 9:00-9:30pm

Theme Song

“Thank You for Being a Friend,” by Andrew Gold, sung by
Cynthia Fee

Greatest American Hero


William Katt as Ralph Hinkley (Hanley)
Robert Cuilp as Bill Maxwell
Connie Sellecca as Pam Davidson
Michael Pare as Tony Villicana
Faye Grant as Rhonda Blake
Don Cervantes as Rodrigeuz
Jesse D. Goins as Cyler Johnson
Brandon Williams as Kevin Hinley (1981)

Series Run
First Telecast: March 18, 1981
Last Telecast: February 3, 1983

Broadcast History

March 1981- May 1981, ABC, Wednesday 8:00-9:00pm
August 1981- August 1982, ABC, Wednesday 8:00-9:00pm
September 1982- November 1982, ABC, Friday 9:00-10:00pm
January 1983- February 1983, ABC, Thursday 8:00-9:00pm

Theme Song
“The Greatest American Hero (Believe it Or Not),” by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer, sung by Joey Scarbury

Growing Pains

Alan Thicke as Dr. Jason Seaver
Joanna Kerns as Maggie Seaver
Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver
Tracy Gold as Carol Seaver
Jeremy Miller as Ben Seaver
Kristen and Kelsey Dohring as Crissy Seaver (1988-1990)
Ashley Johnson as Crissy Seaver (1990-1992)
Josh Andrew Koenig as Richard Stabone “Boner” (1985-1989)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 24, 1985
Last Telecast: August 27, 1992

Broadcast History

September 1985- March 1986, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9:00pm
May 1986- March 1988, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9:00pm
March 1988-August 1990, ABC, Wednesday 8:00-8:30pm
August 1990- August 1991, ABC, Wednesday 8:00-8:30pm
August 1991- September 1991, ABC, Friday 9:30-10:00pm
September 1991- January 1992, ABC, Saturday 8:30-9:00pm
February 1992- April 1992, ABC, Saturday 9:30-10:00pm
May 1992- July 1992, Wednesday 8:30-9:00pm
July 1992- August 1992, ABC, Thursday 8:30-9:00pm

Theme Song

“As Long As We Got Each Other,” sung by B.J. Thomas and
Jennifer Warnes.


Howard Hesseman as Charlie Moore (1986-1990)
Billy Connolly as Billy MacGregor (1990-1991)
William G. Schilling as Dr. Harold Samuels
Jeanetta Arnette as Bernadette Meara
Dan Frischman as Arvid Engen
Leslie Bega as Maria Borges (1986-1989)
Khrystyne Haje as Simone Foster
Jory Husain as Jawaharlal Choudhury (1986-1989)
Brian Robbins a Eric Mardian
Tannis Vallely as Janice Lazarotto (1986-1989)
Tony 0’Dell as Alan Pinkard
Robin Givens as Darlene Merriman
Daniel J. Schneider as Dennis Blunden
Kimberly Russel as Sarah Nevis
Rain Pryor as T.J. Jones (1988-1991)
De Voreaux White as Aristotle McKenzie (1989-1991)
Michael DeLorenzo as Alex Torres (19889-1991)
Lara Piper as Viki Amory (1989-1991)
Jonathan Ke Quan as Jasper Kwong (1990-1991)

Series Run
First Telecast: Setember 17, 1986
Last Telecast: June 25, 1991

Broadcast History

  • September 1986- February 1987, ABC, Wednesday 8:30-9030pm
  • April 1987- June 1989, ABC, Wednesday 8:30-9:30pm
  • August 1989- August 1990, ABC, Wednesday 8:30-9030pm
  • September 1990- January 1991, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9030pm
  • May 1991- June 1991, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9030pm

Hill Street Blues

Daniel J. Travanti as Capt. Frank Furllo
Michael Conrad as Sgt. Phil Estrehaus (1981-1984)
Michael Warren as Officer Bobby Hill
Charles Haid as Officer Andy Renko
Veronica Hamel as Joyce Davenport
Bruce Wietz as Det. Mick Belker
Rene Enriquez as Lt. Ray Calletano
Kiel Martin as Det. Johnny LaRue
Taurean Blacque as Det. Neal Washington
Joe Spano as Sgt./Lt. Henry Goldblume
Betty Thomas as Officer/Sgt. Lucille Bates
John Cypher as Chief Fletcher P. Daniels

Series Run
First Telecast: January 15, 1981
Last Telecast: May 19, 1987

Broadcast History

January 1981, NBC, Thursday/Saturday 10:00-11:00pm
January 1981- April 1981, NBC, Saturday 10:00-11:00pm
April 1981- August 1981, NBC, Tuesday 9:00-10:00pm
October 1981- November 1981, NBC, Thursday 10:00-11:00pm
December 1986- February 1987, NBC, Tuesday 9:00-10:00pm
March 1987- May 1987, NBC, Tuesday 10:00-10:00

Theme Song
“Hill Street Blues” by Mike Post

Knots Landing

The Knots Landing Cast

Ted Shackelford as Gary Ewing
Constance McChasin as Laura Avery Sumner (1979-1987)
Pat Peterson as Michael Fairgate (1979-1991)
Steve Shaw as Eric Fairgate (1979-1987, 1989-1991)
Donna Mills as Abby Cunningham Ewing Sumner (1980-1989)
Tonya Crowe as Olivia Cunningham (1980-1990)
Julie Harris as Lilimae Clements (1981-1987)
Kevin Dobson as M. (Mack) Patrick MacKenzie (1982-1993)
Douglas Sheehan as Ben Gibson (1983-1987)
William Devane as Gregory Sumner (1983-1993)

Series Run
First Telecast: December 20, 1979
Last Telecast: May 13, 1993

Broadcast History

  • December 1979- March 1980, CBS, Thursday 10:00-11:00pm
  • June 1980- March 1981, CBS, Thursday 10:00-11:00pm
  • June 1981- October 1981, CBS, Thursday 10:00-11:00pm
  • November 1981- March 1982, CBS, Thursday 9:00-10:00pm
  • March 1982- March 1983, CBS, Thursday 10:00-11:00pm
  • June 1983- June 1986, CBS, Thursday 10:00-11:00pm
  • September 1986- November 1986, CBS, Thursday 9:00-10:00pm
  • November 1986- March 1993 CBS, Thursday 10:00-11:00pm
  • May 1993, CBS, Thursday 9:00-11:00pm

The Love Boat

Love Boat Cast

Gavin MacLeod as Captain Merril Stubing
Bernie Kopell as Ship’s Doctor Adam Bricker
Fred Grandy as Yeoman-Purser Burl “Gopher” Smith
Ted Lange as Bartender Isaac Washington
Lauren Tewes as Cruise Director Julie McCoy (1977-1984)
Jill Whelan as Vicki Stubing (1979-1986)
Pat Klous as Cruise Director Julie McCoy (1984-1986)
Ted McGinley as Photographer Ashley Covington Evans (Ace) (1984-1986)

Love Boat Mermaids (1985-1986)

  • Deborah Bartlett as Susie
  • Tori Brenno as Maria
  • Nanci Lynn Hammond as Jane
  • Teri Hatcher as Amy
  • Debra Johnson as Patti
  • Macarena as Sheila
  • Andrea Moen as Starlight
  • Beth Myatt as Mary Beth
  • Series Run
    First Telecast: September 24, 1977
    Last Telecast: September 5, 1986
  • Broadcast History
  • September 1977- January 1978, ABC, Saturday 10:00-11:00pm
  • January 1978- September 1985, ABC, Saturday 9:00-10:00pm
  • June 1986- September 1986, ABC, Saturday 10:00-11:00pm

Theme Song
“The Love Boat” by Paul Williams and Charles Fox, sung Jack Jones (1977-1985) and Dione Warwick (1985-1986)


Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver
Dana Elcar as Peter Thornton
Bruce McGill as Jack Dalton (1987-1992)
Elyssa Davalos as Nikki Carpenter (1987-1988)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 29, 1985
Last Telecast: August 8, 1992

Broadcast History

  • September 1985- January 1986, ABC, Sunday 8:00-9:00pm
  • January 1986- July 1986, ABC, Wednesday 8:00-9:00pm
  • August 1986, ABC, Wednesday 9:00-10:00pm
  • September 1986- May 1987, ABC, Monday 8:00-9:00pm
  • June 1987- September 1987, ABC, Wednesday 9:00-10:00pm
  • September 1987- May 1988, ABC, Monday 8:00-9:00pm
  • June 1988- September 1988, ABC, Sunday 8:00-9:00pm
  • October 1988- August 1989, ABC, Monday 8:00-9:00pm
  • August 1989- September 1989, ABC, Sunday 8:00-9:00pm
  • September 1989- December 1991, ABC, Monday 8:00-9:00pm
  • May 1992- June 1992, ABC, Thursday 8:00-9:00pm
  • July 1992- August 1992, ABC, Saturday 8:00-9:00pm

Miami Vice

Miami Vice Cast

Don Johnson as Detective James “Sonny” Crockett
Phillip Michael Thomas as Detective Ricardo Tubbs
Edward James Olmos as Lt. Martin Castillo
Saundra Santiago as Detective Gina Navarro Calabrese
Olivia Brown as Detective Trudy Joplin
Michael Talbott as Detective Stan Switek
John Diehl as Detective Larry Zito (1984-1987)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 16, 1984
Last Telecast: July 26, 1989

Broadcast History

  • September 1984, NBC, Friday 9:00-11:00pm
  • September 1984- May 1986, NBC, Friday 10:00-11:00pm
  • June 1986- March 1988, NBC, Friday 9:00-10:00pm
  • April 1988- January 1989, NBC, Friday 10-:00-11:00pm
  • February 1989- May 1989, NBC, Friday 9:00-10:00pm
  • June 1989- July 1989, NBC, Wednesday 10:00-11:00pm

Mork & Mindy

Mork & Mindy

Robin Williams as Mork
Pam Dawber as Mindy Beth McConnell
Conrad Janis as Frederick McConnell (1978-1979, 1980-1982)
Elizabeth Kerr as Cora Hudson (1978-1979, 1981-1982)
Jeffrey Jacquet as Eugene (1978-1979)
Ralph James as Orson (voice only)
Tom Poston as Franklin Delano Bickley
Jay Thomas as Remo DaVinci (1979-1981)
Gina Hecht as Jean DaVinci (1979-1981)
Jim Staahl as Nelson Flavor (1979-1981)
Robert Donner as Exidor
Crissy Wilzak as Glenda Faye “Crissy” Comstock (1980-1981)
Foster Brooks as Mr. Miles Sternhagen (1981)
Jonathan Winters as Mearth (1981-1982)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 14, 1978
Last Telecast: June 10, 1982

Broadcast History

  • September 1978- August 1979, ABC, Thursday 8:00-8:30pm
  • August 1979- December 1979, ABC, Sunday 8:00-8:30pm
  • January 1980- February 1982, ABC, Thursday 8:00-8:30pm
  • April 1982- May 1982, ABC, Thursday 8:30-9:00pm
  • May 1982- June 1982, ABC, Thursday 8:00-8:30pm

Mr. Belvedere

Mr. Belvedere

Christopher Hewitt as Lynn Belvedere
Bob Uecker as George Owens
Ilene Graff as Marsha Owens
Rob Stone as Kevin Owens
Tracy Wells as Heather Owens
Brice Beckham as Wesley T. Owens
Michele Matheson as Angela (1986-1989)

Series Run
First Telecast: March 15, 1985
Last Telecast: July 8, 1990

Broadcast History
March 1985- April 1985, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm
August 1985- March 1987, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm
May 1987- September 1987, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm

October 1987- January 1988, ABC, Friday 9:00-9:30pm
January 1988- February 1988, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm
March 1988- July 1989, ABC, Friday 9:00-9:30pm
August 1989- September 1989, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm
September 1989- December 1989, ABC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm
July 1990, ABC, Sunday 8:30-9:00pm

Theme Song
“According to Our New Arrivals” by Judy Hart Angelo and Gary Portnoy, sung by Leon Redbone

My Two Dads

Micheal, Joey, and Nicole

Paul Reiser as Micheal Taylor
Greg Evigan as Joey Harris
Staci Keanan as Nicole Bradford
Florence Stanley as Judge Wilbur
Dick Butkus as Ed Klawicki (1987-1989)
Chad Allen as Nichols
Amy Hathaway as Shelby Haskell (1989-1990)
Vonni Ribisi as Cory Kupkus
Don Yesson as Julian (1989-1990)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 20, 1987
Last Telecast: June 16, 1990

Broadcast History

  • September 1987- February 1988, NBC, Sunday 8:30-9:00pm
  • June 1988- September 1988, NBC, Sunday 8:30-9:00pm
  • January 1989- June 1989, NBC, Wednesday 9:30-10:00pm
  • July 1989, NBC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm
  • August 1989- November 1989, NBC, Sunday 8:30-9:00pm
  • November 1989- January 1990, NBC, Wednesday 9:30-10:00pm
  • March 1990- April 1990, NBC, Monday 8:00-8:30pm
  • June 1990, NBC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm

Theme Song
Composed and performed by Greg Evigan

Night Court

The Night Court Crew

Harry Anderson as Harold T. Stone
Charlie Robinson as Mac Robinson
John Larroquette as Dan Fielding
Markie Post as Christine Sullivan (1985-1992)
Richard Moll as Nostradamus “Bull” Shannon
Marsha Warfield as Roz Russell (1986-1992)
Paula Kelly as Liz Williams (1984)
Selma Diamond as Selma Hacker (1984-1985)
Mike Finneran as Art Fensterman
Denice Kumagai as Quon Lee Robinson (1985-1992)

Series Run
First Telecast: January 4, 1984
Last Telecast: July 1, 1992

Broadcast History

  • January 1984- March 1984, NBC, Wednesday 9:30-10:00pm
  • May 1984- May 1986, NBC, Thursday 9:30-10:00pm
  • June 1986- March 1987, NBC, Thursday 9:30-10:00pm
  • March 1987- June 1987, NBC, Wednesday 9:00-9:30pm
  • June 1987- July 1987, NBC, Wednesday 9:30-10:00pm
  • July 1987- August 1987, NBC, Wednesday 9:00-9:30pm
  • August 1987- March 1988, NBC, Thursday 9:30-10:00pm
  • March 1988- April 1988, NBC, Friday 9:00-9:30pm
  • May 1988- September 1988, NBC, Thursday 9:30-10:00pm
  • October 1988- August 1990, NBC, Wednesday 9:00-9:30pm
  • September 1990- January 1991, NBC, Friday 9:00-9:30pm
  • January 1991- November 1991, NBC, Wednesday 9:00-9:30pm
  • December 1991- May 1992, NBC, Sunday 9:30-10:00pm
  • May 1992- June 1992, NBC, Wednesday 9:30-10:00pm

Perfect Strangers

Bronson Pinchot as Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker as Larry Appleton
Melanie Wilson as Jennifer
Rebecca Arthur as Mary Anne
Sam Anderson as Mr. Sam Gropley (1987-1992)
F.J. O’Neil as Mr. Wainright (1989-1992)
Belita Moreno as Edwina Twinkacetti (1986-1987)
Jo Marie Payton-France as Harriet Winslow (1987-1989)
Ernie Sabella as Mr. Donald Twinkacetti (“Twinkie”) (1986-1987)
Alisan Porter as Tess Holland (1900)
Eugene Roche as Harry Burns (1987-1988)

Series Run
First Telecast: March 25, 1986
Last Telecast: August 6, 1993

Theme Song
“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now,” by Jesse Frederick and Bennet Salvay, performed by David Pomeranz

Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons' Cast

Ricky Schroder as Ricky Stratton
Joel Higgins as Edward Stratton III
Erin Gray as Kate Summers Stratton
Leonard Lightfoot as Leonard Rollins (1982-1983)
Franklyn Seales as Dexter Stuffins
Jason Bateman as Derek Taylor (1982-1984)
Corky Pigeon as Freddy Lippincottleman (1983-1985)
Alfonso Ribeiro as Alfoso Spears (1984-1987)
Bobby Fite as J.T Martin (1983-1984)
John Houseman as Grandfather Edward Stratton II
Ray Wilson as Uncle Harry Summers (1985)
Billy Jacoby as Brad (1985-1986)

Series Run

  • First Telecast: September 25, 1982
  • Last Telecast: September 7, 1986Broadcast History
  • September 1982- September 1984, NBC, Saturday 8:30-9:00pm
  • September 1984- May 1985, NBC, Sunday 7:00-7:30pm
  • June 1985- March 1986, NBC, Sunday 7:30-8:00pm
  • May 1986- September 1986, NBC, Sunday 7:00-7:30pm

Small Wonder

Small Wonder

Dick Christie as Ted Lawson
Marla Pennington as Joan Lawson
Jerry Supiran as Jamie Lawson
Tiffany Brissette as Vicki
Paul C. Scott as Reggie Williams
Emily Schulman as Harriet Brindle
Edie McClurg as Bonnie Brindle (1985-1986)
Daryl T. Bartley as Warren (1986-1987)
Lihann Jones as Jessica (1986-1988)
William Bogert as Brandon Brindle (1988-1989)
Ada Mae Brindle as (1988-1988)
Devon Odessa as Debbie Barnhill (1988-1989)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 1985
Last Telecast: September 1989

St. Elsewhere

St. Elsewhere

Ed Flanders as Dr. Donald Westphall
William Daniels as Dr. Mark Craig
David Birney as Dr. Ben Samuels (1982-1983)
Ed Begley Jr. as Dr. Victor Ehrlich
David Morse as Dr. Jack Morrison
Cynthia Sikes as Dr. Annie Cavanero (1982-1985)
Howie Mandel as Dr. Wayne Fiscus
Barbara Whinnery as Dr. Cathy Martin (1982-1986)
Terence Knox as Dr. Peter White (1992-1985)
Christina Pickles as Nurse Helen Rosenthal
Denzel Washington as Dr. Phillip Chandler
Kim Miyori as Dr. Wendy Armstrong (1982-1984)
Norman Lloyd as Dr. Daniel Auschlandler
Eric Laneuville as Orderly Luther Hawkins
Bonnie Bartlett as Dr. Ellen Craig
Kavi Raz as Dr. V.J. Kochar (1982-1984)
Byron Stewart as Orderly Warren Coolidge (1984-1988)
Sagan Lewis as Dr. Jaqueline Wade (1983-1988)

Series Run

  • First Telecast: October 26, 1982
  • Last Telecast: August 10, 1988Broadcast History
  • October 1982- August 1983, NBC, Tuesday 10:00-11:00pm
  • August 1983- May 1988, NBC, Wednesday 10:00-11:00pm
  • July 1988- August 1988, NBC, Wednesday 10:00-11:00pm

Three’s Company

Three's Company Cast

John Ritter as John Tripper
Joyce DeWitt as Janet Wood
Suzanne Somers as Chrissy Snoe (1977-1981)
Audra Lindley as Helen Roper (1977-1979)
Norman Fell as Stanley Roper (1977-1979)
Richard Kline as Larry Dallas (1978-1984)
Don Knotts as Ralph Furley (1979-1984)
Ann Wedgeworth as Lana Shields (1979-1980)
Jenilee Harrison as Cindt Snow (1980-1982)
Priscilla Barnes as Terri Alden (1981-1984)
Brad Blaisdell as Mike the Bartender (1981-1984)

Series Run

  • First Telecast: March 15, 1977
  • Last Telecast: September 18, 1984
  • Broadcast History
  • March 1977- April 1977, ABC, Thursday 9:30-10:00pm
  • August 1977- September 1977, ABC, Thursday 9:30-10:00pm
  • September 1977- May 1984, ABC, Tuesday 9:00-9:30pm
  • May 1984- September 1984, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9:00pm
  • Theme Song
  • “Three’s Company” by Don Nicholl and Joe Raposo, sung by Ray Charles and Julie Rinker


Webster Cast

Emannuel Lewis as Webster Long
Alex Karras as George Popadapolis
Susan Clark as Katherine Popadapolis
Henry Polic II as Jerry Silver
Eugene Roche as Bill Parker (1984-1986)
Cathryn Damon as Cassie Parker (1984-1986)

Series Run
First Telecast: September 16, 1983
Last Telecast: September 11, 1992

Broadcast History

  • September 1983- March 1985, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm
  • March 1985- March 1987, ABC, Friday 8:0-8:30pm
  • March 1987- April 1987, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:30pm
  • May 1987, ABC, Friday 8:00-8:30pm
  • June 1987- August 1987, ABC, Friday 9800-8:30pm
  • August 1987- September 1987, ABC, Friday 9:30-10:00pm

Theme Song
“Then Came You” by Steve Nelson and Madeline Sunshine

Who’s the Boss

Who's the Boss Cast

Tony Danza as Tony Micelli
Judith Light as Angela Bower
Alyssa Milano as Samantha Micelli
Katherine Helmond as Mona Robinson
Danny Pintauro as Johnathan Bower
Robin Thomas as Geoffrey Wells (1986-1987)
Shana Lane-Block as Bonnie (1986-1991)
Scott Bloom as Jesse Nash (1987-1988)
Rhoda Gemignami as Mrs. Rossini
Jonathan Halyalkar as David (age 5) (1990-1991)
Kate Vernon as Kathleen Sawyer (1990)
Doug Ballard as Andy (1990)
Curnal Achilles Aulisio as Hank Thomopolous (1992)

Series Run
Fisrt Telecast: September 20, 1984
Last Telecast: September 10, 1992

Broadcast History

  • September 1984, ABC, Thursday 8:30-9:00pm
  • October 1984- April 1985, ABC, Tuesday 9:00-9:30pm
  • April 1985- July 1985, ABC, Tuesday 8:00-8:30pm
  • August 1985- August 1991, ABC, Tuesday 8:00-8:30pm
  • August 1991- September 1991, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9:00pm
  • September 1991- January 1992, ABC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm
  • February 1992- March 1992, ABC, Saturday 8:30-9:00pm
  • March 1992- June 1992, ABC, Saturday 8:00-8:30pm
  • June 1992- July 1992, ABC, Wednesday 9:30-10:00pm
  • July 1992- September 1992, ABC, Thursday 8:00-8:30pm

Theme Song
“Brand New Life,” by Larry Carlton, Robert Kraft, Martin Cohan, and Blake Hunter.

WKRP In Cincinnati


Gordon Jump as Artur Carlson
Howard Hesseman as Johnny Fever
Loni Anderson as Jennifer Marlowe
Gary Sandy as Andy Travis
Tim Reid as Venus Flytrap
Richard Sanders as Les Nessman
Frank Bonner as Herb Tarlek
Jan Smithers as Bailey Quarters

The Wonder Years

The Arnolds Family

Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold
Daniel Stern as Kevin’s voice
Josh Saviano as Paul Pfeiffer
Danica McKellar as Winnie Cooper
Jason Hervey as Wayne Arnold
Alley Mills as Norma Arnold
Dan Lauria as Jack Arnold
Olivia d’Abo as Karen Arnold (1988-1992)

Series Run

First Telecast: March 15, 1988
Last Telecast: September 1, 1993
Broadcast History

March 1988- April 1988, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9:00pm
October 1988- February 1989, ABC, Wednesday 9:00-9:30pm
February 1989- August 1990, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9:00pm
August 1990- August 1991, ABC, Wednesay 8:00-8:30pm
August 1991- February 1992, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm
March 1992- September 1993, ABC, Friday 8:30-9:00pm

Theme Song
“With a Little Help from My Friends,” sung by Joe Cocker.